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The next generation of consoles is out
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Here is Marcus’ Guide for playing Planetside -First step : Install Planetside via Steam -Create Character: Pick Terran Republic -Pick Server: Pick Matherson (East) -Get on Mumble because this game is too hard to explain via chat Our Server is Port 17800 –Ultimate Beginners Guide Video –Read through this picture -Reference this TR […]

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Web Cam Max Review

So I was looking for some software to use with my webcam and tripped over two main ones that I thought had promise. The first was ManyCam which costs $50 and seems fairly good. And then there is WebCamMax which can be found I figured why not give it a try. Then I would […]

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Marcus Espenlaub – Torchlight 2 is one of those games that when you get the opportunity to play I highly suggest that you do so. It is one of those rides you have in a game that you devour all the little nuances that make up Torchlight 2. The developers at Runic Games took many […]

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Hakus Mumble

Mumble Information Address: Port: 33237 Get Mumble

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Amazing Back the the Future Posters

Some truly amazing back to the future posters.

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Tribes: Ascend review Get Tribes for Free HERE Wonderful, breath-clutching games of chicken happen along the z-axis in Tribes: Ascend. You’re hovering, the guy you want to kill is hovering, and you each have a few sips of battery juice left in your jetpack. Gravity is death: drop first, and you become an instant candidate […]

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Open Ventrilo Multiple Times

If you are like me, you may have come into situations where you wish you could open multiple instances of Ventrilo at the same time. There are times when you may have friends on one server but want to listen in on others. Here is a quick guide on how to open multiple times and […]

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Updated 3D Mark Vantage Score 34171

3D Mark Vantage Score

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Intel Sandy Bridge 2600K Thoughts and Specs

With the recent bombardment of different Intel chips, sockets, and motherboards it has been a tough time for PC builders when deciding a good time to pull the trigger on your CPU upgrade. Well I took the plunge with Intel’s Sandy Bridge in the variant of the 2600k. After flying around at 4.6GHz for a […]