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My thoughts on Metro 2033

For a long time I have been wondering what all the benchmarks that I was seeing in magazines and online publications were all about when they referenced Metro 2033. Some said that this game was the Direct X 11 that Crysis 2 should have been. One of the first things that I noticed in this […]

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Web Browser Pass View locates all of your passwords.

Have you ever forgotten your password from a website and wondered where the ‘stored’ version of it was? Well Web Browser Pass View will search through all of the browsers on you system and lookup all of the stored passwords inside. Great for the technician when trying to move around someone’s machine and great for […]

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Left 4 Dead 2 Eyefinity Fixed HUD Files

Info L4D2 is a great game that spans wonderfully across 3 monitors.  Often in-game many of your enemies may appear on your flanks causing you damage requiring that you turn quickly to avoid them.  So after playing for a few days playing on 3 monitors I wonder how I ever lived without a nice Eyefinity […]

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Amazon Prime Get Unlimited FREE Video Streaming

For those of you who are heavy users of Amazon (myself included) you can now automatically Stream many of their Online offerings for FREE!  Here is the letter that was released by Jeff Bezos.

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Bioshock 2 Review

I need to start off by saying that Bioshock 2 has 3 frustrating layers of DRM when accessed through Steam.  It took about 3 restarts of the game, a password reset, and some toying around my firewall to get through the Valve Protection, SecureRom, and Windows Live security just to get this game started.  Trying to get […]

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Steam Power!

Steam Power

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Kindle 3 exceed estimates by 60%

Having been the recipient of a Kindle 3 for this holiday season I can safely say that it has forever changed the way that I read.  A change for the better.  I no longer need to worry about which books to bring on trips like on my upcoming rounds this holiday season to family and friends.  I […]

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DropBox 1.0 is HERE!!

Dropbox has come out with exciting news that their amazing, and heavily relied upon synchronization software is out of Beta and into version 1.0.  On top of the standard fare of bug fixes, the latest and greatest version of Dropbox brings a laundry list of new features to the table.  Syncs will occur much quicker, and memory usage […]

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Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ35

Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ35 Review..coming soon

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Make Dropbox have Virtual Drives

Manage Dropbox as a Virtual Drive X3geek shows us a neat Windows Explorer trick for Dropbox users: There is subst.exe utility in windows which creates virtual drives of paths associated with them. So I use it to manage Dropbox folder. You need to make a cmd or bat file with the these 2 lines: subst /d […]