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Amazon Prime Get Unlimited FREE Video Streaming

For those of you who are heavy users of Amazon (myself included) you can now automatically Stream many of their Online offerings for FREE!  Here is the letter that was released by Jeff Bezos.

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Steam Power!

Steam Power

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How the Nintendo Zapper works.

How The Nintendo Zapper Worked? Todays games use infrared sensors and cameras to track locations in the game.  But I remember days playing my Duck Hunt, or Hogans Alley with the classic Nintendo Zapper.  At the time of the Zapper I never really knew how it worked, well now I do.  The gun simply checks […]

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Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ35

Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ35 Review..coming soon

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Googles Eric Schmidt boast 200,000 Android Devices Sold per day

Google’s CEO Eric Schmidt has been boasting about steady increase of Android devices on the market.  According to Schmidt there are 200,000 new Android devices that are sold every day.  This is an increase over the 100,00 devices that he claimed to be sold only two months ago.  These are some very impressive numbers considering […]

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Microsoft ends FPS games of PC vs. Console

PC gamers have always snubbed console gamers as being inferior due to the inaccuracy that inherent with console games.  PC gamers use a keyboard and mouse, and Console gamers use a controller.  This is a debate that has gone on for some time now with each side vehemently proclaiming their superiority over the other.  But the PC […]

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Blizzard please spare us all from DRM.

There has been many different approaches towards the DRM or Digital Rights Management, and few work very well.  Now with, and Blizzard we are going to see a rather simplistic approach.  It’s rather simple, do it once.  After you check that you are the correct owner of said title your authentication status stops.  You […]

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