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Download SteamCMD steamcmd KF2MaxPlayers (1) Increase Max Players Just tried it and good news – it’s working! For dedicated server you need to do pretty much the same with minor changes. Put KFMaxPlayers.u in %server_root%\KFGame\BrewedPC Put KFMaxPlayers.ini in %server_root%\KFGame\Config\ Add 2 lines in PCServer-KFGame.ini at [KFGame.KFGameEngine] so it looks like [KFGame.KFGameEngine] . . . ServerActors=IpDrv.WebServer […]

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The next generation of consoles is out
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Here is Marcus’ Guide for playing Planetside -First step : Install Planetside via Steam -Create Character: Pick Terran Republic -Pick Server: Pick Matherson (East) -Get on Mumble because this game is too hard to explain via chat Our Server is Port 17800 –Ultimate Beginners Guide Video –Read through this picture -Reference this TR […]

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Marcus Espenlaub – Torchlight 2 is one of those games that when you get the opportunity to play I highly suggest that you do so. It is one of those rides you have in a game that you devour all the little nuances that make up Torchlight 2. The developers at Runic Games took many […]

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Marcus Espenlaub- I just wanted to write up a quick rant about how I feel about certain things going on in the gaming world, and some of the companies that produce them. Whenever, I play a game my ultimate goal is to play the best games with the best people. It is my mission in […]

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I built a new site for the people I play with at So far it looks decent, but community involvement is necessary for the site to gain any real traction. Thanks to anyone who takes a look at our humble little site!

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Watch live video from hakuslive on

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Marcus Sale is over….What are you guys thinking overall? I picked up Walking Dead (Great) Train Simulator (Great – don’t judge me) some Dungeon Defenders DLC (Meh – Tired of this game’s DLC) Played some Shoot Many Robots because new people got it (didn’t backup my local save thinking it was cloud based….FUCK THIS GAME […]

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HAY IT’S TIME~!!! Pre-purchase Borderlands 2 on Steam Touchy DONE! 😀 Marcus winter sale! Hay buying the hard copy. the one tht’s $150. i want the marcus bobble head! Dharma Waaahhh so torn, I kinda want that bobblehead too Dharma Are they sold out of the ultimate edition? I can’t find any left… about […]

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Hakus Mumble

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