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How the Nintendo Zapper works.

How The Nintendo Zapper Worked? Todays games use infrared sensors and cameras to track locations in the game.  But I remember days playing my Duck Hunt, or Hogans Alley with the classic Nintendo Zapper.  At the time of the Zapper I never really knew how it worked, well now I do.  The gun simply checks […]

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Kindle 3 exceed estimates by 60%

Having been the recipient of a Kindle 3 for this holiday season I can safely say that it has forever changed the way that I read.  A change for the better.  I no longer need to worry about which books to bring on trips like on my upcoming rounds this holiday season to family and friends.  I […]

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DropBox 1.0 is HERE!!

Dropbox has come out with exciting news that their amazing, and heavily relied upon synchronization software is out of Beta and into version 1.0.  On top of the standard fare of bug fixes, the latest and greatest version of Dropbox brings a laundry list of new features to the table.  Syncs will occur much quicker, and memory usage […]

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How to Increase Volume in Windows 7 I tried updating my sound card drivers, but that didn’t worked either. Then after a little tweaking in Sounds option in Windows, I finally found a temporary fix to this low volume problem. 1. Go to Control Panel and open Sounds. 2. Click on Properties and open the Enhancements tab. […]