How to Google on the low.
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How to Google on the low.

When working on a clients computer it is never a good idea to go to Google the correct answer to a problem right in front of them.  This is unavoidable due to the nature of the work.  When you see someone Google the answer to a question that they are paying you to figure out does not inspire confidence.  But fortunately one thing that most people never recognize is the command line interface.  This is where the website come in.  All it is is a command line interface site that runs Google’s search engine while making everything in your browser look like you were editing code.  Here is a screen capture

Now you have a semi covert way to search for the answer to a question that you may not know off the top of your head.  Either way it is a nice alternative to the Google homepage.

-Marcus Espenlaub

Some simple commands are:

help – Brings up a list of available commands
m – Show more results (next page)
settings results 30 – Increases the amount of results per page to 30 (4 by default)
c – Clears the page

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