Redbox to fire the final salvo at Blockbuster.
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Redbox to fire the final salvo at Blockbuster.

With next to nothing in the barrel for old Blockbuster in terms of innovation.  The recent move of streaming video from Redbox could finally do the company in.  While you are probably already familiar with the Redbox DVD rental kiosks scattered around shopping centers across the country.  You probably haven’t heard much about their streaming video services.  As the direct competitor to Netflix which already has a wide range of DVD selections Redbox realizes that it is time to innovate in order to stay competitive.

President Mitch Lowe is hinting that Redbox would be offering service at $3.95 compared to Netflix’s $8.99 for unlimited rentals and streaming movies.  It is going to be interesting to see if Redbox will be able to offer the same selection as Netflix and this will be the determining factor of their success.  But at a price of $5 less than Netflix they have a big price advantage that you will probably see Netflix attacking back with similar cuts.

No matter how you view this move it is going to further put Blockbuster in a deeper hole than the one they are already in.  Only recently are they even beginning to ‘innovate’ with a few scattered rental kiosks.  I have yet to see one in person, but am told that they exist.  Either way this plays out, the end consumer is going to have more selections, and options at a better price.

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