Microsoft ends FPS games of PC vs. Console
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Microsoft ends FPS games of PC vs. Console

PC gamers have always snubbed console gamers as being inferior due to the inaccuracy that inherent with console games.  PC gamers use a keyboard and mouse, and Console gamers use a controller.  This is a debate that has gone on for some time now with each side vehemently proclaiming their superiority over the other.  But the PC gamers should jump for joy when reacting to a blog post by the founder of Voodoo PC, Rahul Sood.

According to Rahul, Microsoft set out on revamping their Xbox Live Project in such a way that it would allow the console gamers to interact across platforms to play with PC’s.  This would potentially double the pool of players and would make for a more vibrant community.  Technically everything worked properly and the gamers were able to ‘play’ with one another but those on the console were crushed match after match.

The scales were so tilted towards those playing behind a PC that Microsoft had to pull the plug on this.  Rahul states that even when they were testing using mediocre PC gamers against the best console gamers the results were unchanged.  Gears of War was mentioned as one of the games that went into these tests.

With such a disproportionate amount of wins going to the PC folks they decided to pull the plug.  I think that most people who venture into both the worlds of PC gaming as well as Console gaming would be willing to say the the Keyboard and Mouse are more accurate.  Perhaps we should just stick with games like Uno which has been wildly successful in the Xbox world.  With card games at least there the poor console people would be evenly matched.

Marcus Espenlaub

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