Make Dropbox have Virtual Drives
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Make Dropbox have Virtual Drives

Manage Dropbox as a Virtual Drive

X3geek shows us a neat Windows Explorer trick for Dropbox users:

There is subst.exe utility in windows which creates virtual drives of paths associated with them. So I use it to manage Dropbox folder. You need to make a cmd or bat file with the these 2 lines:

subst /d X:
subst X: "C:\Users\[user]\Documents\My Dropbox"

and put the file in your startup folder (“Start”- type “shell:startup” in the search field) as the command file mounts the folder into a virtual drive. The first line deletes a substituted virtual drive. You’ll see a drive (X: in this case) in My Computer which has Dropbox folders.

Note: the command shown will work on Windows 7, for Windows XP the command has to be"C:\Documents and Settings\[user]\My Documents\My Dropbox"

Note that you can do this with any folder in Windows, but it may be particularly helpful for some Dropbox users to visualize their Dropbox folder as a network drive.

Alternatively you can use “visual subst” . Visual Subst enables you to create virtual drives letters from any existing folder…

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