Kindle 3 exceed estimates by 60%
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Kindle 3 exceed estimates by 60%

Having been the recipient of a Kindle 3 for this holiday season I can safely say that it has forever changed the way that I read.  A change for the better.  I no longer need to worry about which books to bring on trips like on my upcoming rounds this holiday season to family and friends.  I can just load the books on my Kindle, toss it in a bag, and I’m off.

While the changes from the Kindle 2 to the Kindle 3 are modest at best.  The $139 price point seems to have struck a cord with those unwilling to take the plunge at higher price points.  Amazon has come out with estimates that they would sell 5 million Kindles in 2010, but Bloomberg reports that the retailer is more likely to clear 8 million units instead.

To really show how much the newer Kindles are moving this holiday season in 2009 Amazon moved 2.4 million of their e-readers.  Of course the iPad has taken a big bite out of potential customers that may want to buy Kindles, but this healthy competition keeps Amazon on their toes and is likely to release a color E-Ink reader at some point in 2011.

I of course want to mention that I believe that Kindle people and iPad people are looking for 2 different things.  If you intend to plan your watch movies, check your email, or browse the web then the Kindle is not the device that you are looking for.  If you are planning on reading books on the go then the iPad is not the device that you want either.  Instead it is best to differentiate the two,  the iPad is a tablet computer, while the Kindle is a tablet reader.  Seems simple enough to grasp but I recognize peoples reactions to this non iPad device and they look at me as though I am crazy when I tell them what it does.  Their faces say ‘you cant even get apps on that thing’ come to mind but I believe that they are missing the point.  The Kindle will run for weeks without the need to be attached to a computer or wall socket making the Kindle perfect for traveling.  If you are often on the go you can appreciate the difficulty in the simple task of getting electricity to your device.

Amazon has also made big strides in the market by opening their book ecosystem to mobile phone, laptops, netbooks, iPad along with other devices with their Kindle apps offerings.  This opens up their e book selections to the entire computing world.  Trust me on this traditional media is on its way out, and eInk and low cost tablets are on their way in.  A trend not likely to change.

The Kindle 3 offers the same size screen (6 inches) as the previous generation, but has much faster page turns and higher contrast than earlier models.  The new kindle weighs only 8.5 ounces making it extremely light weight and is thin enough that you could probably cut cheese with the device.  I am a very happy Kindle owner.  Eventually, I will end up getting a tablet in 2011 or might even put it off until 2012.  I promise you that I am behind a computer enough that getting to my emails is not really a problem, and having yet another device that can do so seems redundant.

If you are on the fence about eReaders, and waited for the price to come down a bit, then now is the time to strike.  If you read books on the go then I must ask you.  How have you not picked up your Kindle yet?

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