How the Nintendo Zapper works.
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How the Nintendo Zapper works.

How The Nintendo Zapper Worked?

Todays games use infrared sensors and cameras to track locations in the game.  But I remember days playing my Duck Hunt, or Hogans Alley with the classic Nintendo Zapper.  At the time of the Zapper I never really knew how it worked, well now I do.  The gun simply checks different light levels that are coming off of your screen.  The Zapper came with two main parts which are the trigger, and a photo diode.  When you pull the trigger on the zapper it tells the photodiode to check the light levels being displayed on your screen.  At the time of your pull the entire screen goes black for a single frame.  In the following frame are your target would go white, and if the photodiode registers this change.  Then you hit your target, +1.  This system was easily tricked if you pointed at something bright.

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