Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days
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I remember the original Kane & Lynch: Dead Men as an average, to below average ride.  The story, the characters, and even the gameplay were not very memorable and really didn’t bring much to table.  Now, here we have a sequel that doesn’t even live up to the low standard set by the original.


This episode of the two old sociopaths from the original leaves out all of the details in the story from the original.  James Seth Lynch is now living in Shanghai, China running illegal errands for local kingpins.  Adam “Kane” Marcus is in town working on his last score in an arms deal that will supposedly set up the two men for life.  During all of this a girl gets killed who happens to be the daughter of Shanghai’s most powerful man, and the rest of the game is spent trying to escape from China.  Sounds like a stupid story, and I assure you that it is.  You shot a lot of people and become completely nonsensitive to it.  This disconnect from the game leaves you with no emotional attachment to the characters in the game.  It takes a pretty bad game when you find yourself routing for your in-game ‘enemies’.


I experienced more than my sense of problems when running this game.  It crashes a lot, and needs to be patched out of the box to run properly.  With a story of that is pure garbage, and you will constantly wonder why you are even bothering to play through this game.  The camera angles of this game are 3rd person that is always shaking and distorted.  As you take damage your screen gets splattered with blood.  This happens so much that the effect wears off almost instantly.  Graphically this is nothing very special about the graphics.  I tried to find the perfect balance in graphics for this game but no matter what settings I had it on there were moments where it would seem to freeze from time to time.

What’s worse is that the cover system barely works. Most of the time, enemies can shoot you to ribbons through the cover, and many of them will just ignore the system altogether, run up to your spot, and blast you pieces. The game has a “down but not dead” feature which basically means that Lynch will fall over if he gets shot enough times. It’s unnecessary and — you guessed it — incredibly irritating. The game’s full of cheap shots, clustering enemies around corners or in hiding places to constantly ambush the player. Most of the deaths in the game is not due to player error, but the game’s tendency towards ambushes or breaking the rules of its own game in order to look “challenging.”

It’s not fun. At all. It meanders between extremely dull and intensely annoying, and not once does it ever become enjoyable, satisfying or rewarding.

In Dead Men, you truly felt like you were on an underworld adventure, and the game was full of surprises. A prison break, a bank robbery, a fight against a digger truck, a skyscraper assault and more gave the game a truly vast and varied feel that went some way toward making up for its sub-par gameplay. Kane & Lynch 2takes place entirely in a dark and dreary Shanghai and is a pure corridor shooter throughout with nothing to break the monotony.

This game was Kane and Lynch’s chance to get a title that such interestingly dark characters deserve, and it’s a chance that has been wasted on incompetent design and half-hearted writing. I actually cannot think of a single positive thing to say about the game, and the fact that I have been rooting for this IP from the moment the first game was announced just makes it all the more infuriating. I wished nothing but the best for Kane & Lynch as a series, but the appalling nature of Dog Days confirms to me that this franchise will never be what it deserves to be.

There is only one thing that Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days succeeds at. It makes Kane & Lynch: Dead Men look really, really good.

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