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For convenience or to upgrade your storage capabilities from the measly 100MB that Go Daddy provides with their web mail service, at some point you may decide to migrate your email account hosted through Go Daddy from their web mail to a software or web-based email application.

Go Daddy has pretty good instructions on setting up mail on a variety of email clients such as Outlook and the iPhone.  However they missed Gmail.  In order to fill that gap here are instructions to set up Gmail to receive email from your Go Daddy hosted account and send email using that account as well.

Setting up your Go Daddy email on Gmail

  1. In Gmail, click Settings in the upper right hand corner of the interface
    Gmail Settings
  2. Select the Accounts and Import tab.
    Gmail Settings Tabs
  3. In the Send mail as: section click the Send mail from another addressbutton.
  4. Gmail Send Mail As

  5. In the pop-up window that opens, fill in your name and email address, then click Next Step
    Gmail Add Another Email Address
  6. In the next frame select the second option Send through [email address] SMTP servers (recommended for professional domains).  Then enter the following information.
    SMTP server:
    Port: 465
    Username: your email address
    Password: your email password
    Select Always use a secure connection (SSL) when sending mail then click Add Account
    Gmail Send Mail Through SMTP
  7. Your credentials will be checked and then you will advance to another frame of the pop-up with information about confirming your email address.  You don’t need to fill in the confirmation code, you will confirm the email address using the email that is sent to your account. Just click Close window.
  8. Back on the Gmail Settings page, Accounts and Import tab, in the Check mail using POP3: section click the Add POP3 email account button.
    Gmail Check Mail Using POP3
  9. In the pop-up window that opens fill in your email address then click Next Step
    Gmail Add Mail Address
  10. In the next frame enter the following:
    Username: your email address
    Password: your email password
    POP Server: mail.[your domain]
    Port: 110
    Of the 4 check boxes that are available you can select the 3rd or 4th ones if you want, but do not select either the 1st or the 2nd.
    Click Add Account
    Gmail Add Mail Settings
  11. Now you will be able to receive incoming emails to your Go Daddy hosted account using Gmail. The first email that you will get probably is your Gmail confirmation email to validate that you can send emails from the hosted account via Gmail.  When you get that email, click the link to confirm your request.  You should be directed to a confirmation page.  Once that is done you will be able to send emails using your hosted email account through Gmail.
  12. Incoming emails to your hosted email address will show up in your in box just like other emails.  To send an email from that account click Compose Mailthen select the appropriate email address from the pull down menu at the top of the email form next to From:.
    Gmail Select From Address
    I suggest that you send an email to your hosted email address from your hosted email address just to make sure that everything is working right.  If you can send and then receive your own email then you know that everything is working correctly and you are good to go.  If not then go back through the steps and see if you entered something incorrectly.

I hope that these instructions are useful, complete and helpful.  If you have any problems with them, find an error, need some additional explanation, etc. Please let me know so that I can update this post to correct or clarify the instructions and make them better for the next person.

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