My thoughts on Metro 2033
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My thoughts on Metro 2033

For a long time I have been wondering what all the benchmarks that I was seeing in magazines and online publications were all about when they referenced Metro 2033. Some said that this game was the Direct X 11 that Crysis 2 should have been. One of the first things that I noticed in this game was how visually stunning everything was. From the character details to the level design everything pushes your graphics cards to the max. This is a more demanding game than Crysis 2.

The game takes place below the city of Moscow in the year 2033. Well, the future has not been a kind one. As far as I can tell there are only a faint remnants of our 21st century culture left in the world. Much of humanity needs to live under the ground in the metro tunnels in order to survive the poison air found above the surface. This leads to a key part of the way the game plays. You will go from tunnel to, cobbled pocket of humans, to the surface which requires you to put on a gas mask. Now you have a limited amount of time that you are able to survive on your gas mask and must often check you watch to see how much air you have left. I can see where a lot of people would not like this aspect of the game but I feel that the obscured vision and element of impending doom actually add to the game.

Another tipping point for this game is the weapons that you need to use. They consist of home brew pneumatic guns to the always reliable AK. Throughout the games the only currency that you will find is bullets. So you need to be careful as to how much you fire throughout the level because this will hurt you when you want to buy weapon upgrades or additional armor.

You have the freedom to either run an gun your way through the levels or can stealth your way thought. I more often too the blitz approach, but did notice that when you slow down and absorb the surroundings you get an entirely new depth to the game. The rush tactic that I mostly employed didn’t seem to hurt me in the long run, as I typically picked up more ammo from my beaten foes than I would have saved had I avoided them entirely. Its your choice, but slow down some of the time because if you don’t you will miss out on some wonderful scripted dialog between the characters.

Graphically and sound this game is top notch. But it had some major failings that really took away from the game. One is the lack of story in the game. You start out with little to no explanation as to what the heck happened in these years to 2033 that messed up the world so bad, and filled it with nasty monsters. There is no legitimate character development and you don’t really know why you are doing the things that you are doing. The pace of the game is good, taking you from shanty town to fire fight and back again. The battles are pretty good but the AI will at times do things that will leave you scratching your head. Fortunately for them, your bullets are next to useless and head shots seem to account for next to nothing, often it takes a solid 6 shots to down an enemy.

This is definitely not your average first person shooter. You have to be careful about how you use your weapons and how you want gear your play type. It is about 10 hours of fun from start to finish. Ultimately I was unfulfilled with the game and left wanting to change some aspects of the game to more suit my need. But if someone were to ask me about it I would respond that the game is a ‘solid, good’ game. Worth a play if you have some time on your hands, but probably best suited as a benchmark for high end video cards.

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