Small ini change to speed up mouse in Tribes Ascend
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My basic understanding of the below fix is as follows: Essentially, UE3 by default decides to lag mouse inputs in exchange for better frame rate. It’s a setting that while not a big deal for console games, is a huge deal for PC games.
By turning the OneFrameThreadLag setting to false, you’ll notice an immediate and sudden improvement in how your mouse feels in game. This is because your direct input is no longer delayed by X amount of frames.
Please note though, that as mentioned above, this does come at a frame rate penalty. If you’re on a PC that can barely play T:A in its current form, this fix might make the game unplayable. If you’re on a more modern PC, you shouldn’t have a noticable frame hit.
Fix is below this line.
Go to:
C:\Users*YOUR PC NAME*\Documents\My Games\Tribes Ascend\TribesGame\Config
Insert under DirectionalLightMaps=True the following:
“OneFrameThreadLag=False” (without ” marks)
Save the ini.
Enjoy drastically increased mouse responsiveness.

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