End of Steam Sale
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Sale is over….What are you guys thinking overall? I picked up Walking Dead (Great) Train Simulator (Great – don’t judge me) some Dungeon Defenders DLC (Meh – Tired of this game’s DLC) Played some Shoot Many Robots because new people got it (didn’t backup my local save thinking it was cloud based….FUCK THIS GAME I’m out) Bought Batman BASE ONLY (Excited to play – didn’t get DLC because I can’t imagine playing through this great game more than once) I don’t think I even broke spending $30.

nuu marcus…don’t give up on shoot many robots. i can totally power lvl you!

I must. Even if I could power level at 200k ‘exp’ a round it would take me tooooo long. It would be like 10-20 hours of power leveling a character just to get back my character back to where he was. Only to have another locally saved character on my game. Pass.

it wouldn’t take 10-20 hrs…when we played with joe we got him 20+ levels in like 1-2 hrs when he was at 18.

but ok…http://i1.kym-cdn.com/photos/images/newsfeed/000/082/456/Okay.png


But on a bright note. It did put me into a frenzy mood when playing DayZ. Got my head right in the zone for some PvP action. Sitting on a hill outside of Cherno I see some guy running without a weapon. Put a bullet right into his leg. He drops to the ground. Feels like shit. I realize that I just cant roll like, and run down to him. Clear about 10 zombies with a perfectly nice clip or two of M15. Bandage him, blood transfusion, give him a pistol with 5 clips inside, bandage, morphine, map, and watch. Tell him I’m sorry, and that he caught me on a bad day. Left him much more kitted out than when I find him. Zombie kills nearing 200. Murders: 0
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Marcus Espenlaub Okay, Ill play the game.
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Hadrian Raymundo AWWH YEAH~
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Marcus Espenlaub http://imgur.com/r/gaming/1HWqf

What I do on Train Simulator 2012 – Imgur
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Marcus http://www.quickmeme.com/meme/3q756w/

Death Newell
I already had more games than I could feasibly play in a lifetime, so I limited myself to the new Sins. And maybe there were a few I picked up for like $2.50, but I honestly don’t even remember.
467 games? How did this happen?

Marcus I at half of that wow…..

I also have 57 games on gog.com and 5 or so on battle.net…
Again, far more than I could probably play in a lifetime. Oh well.

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