Torchlight 2 Review
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Marcus Espenlaub – Torchlight 2 is one of those games that when you get the opportunity to play I highly suggest that you do so. It is one of those rides you have in a game that you devour all the little nuances that make up Torchlight 2. The developers at Runic Games took many of the concerns, and restrictions that were in the original and actually listened to gamers to produce a worthwhile squeal.

Torchlight delivers on all the bases that I felt Diablo 3 missed on. First off, Torchlight 2 isn’t a game that constantly begs for your hard earned dollars. Companies such as EA, and Blizzard have become money hungry giants that are looking for any way possible to lighten your wallet. Premium content, day-one DLC, and subscription costs are rampant in today’s games. On this point I appreciate a company that actually lowers the cost to entry to a modest $20. I actually feel that the game is under priced, but you won’t hear me say that much.

Enter TL2 a Diabloesque game where you play in 3rd person controlling your character, and pet throughout the game world. With many classic RPG features you are able to control many more aspects of your character compared to Diablo 3 where you are heavily restricted. I enjoy this freedom and appreciate the way it fits into the game. Even if you were to place skill points into another line of skills that you are not interested, Torchlight forgives you and allows you to roll back your character’s last 3 selections.

Another feature that I love is the addition of a pet to travel with you throughout the game. The pet wears many hats in game. They can be you mule to store items found in-game, and better yet, can travel back to town to sell off unwanted loot. There is no need to travel to town now just to unload your inventory. This feature is one of many that set Torchlight II above and beyond others. I appreciate how fast and seamless it is to manage your inventory. Another amazing skill that your pet can perform is that they effectively can fire off spells for you when needed. I have learned that I am not very good at consistantly firing off my summon spells when in battle. But alas there is a solid fix for absent minded folks like myself. Just give spells to your pets. Your pet is a clever one, with his own armor, and set of skills that they can use. So instead of doing all the work yourself. Let your pet carry the load, they do a better job of breaking up the spells than I ever could.

Now lets talk about Co-op. The ability to play with your friends is absolute joy in TL2. Once you have your have all of your friends added it is unbelievably easy to catch up with your friends playing regardless of where their location may be. It is similarly easy to travel to friends as they may join your game. I prefer to wait until I have friends around to play this game, but going it solo is a joy as well.

The story of Torchlight II isn’t going to be a head turner here. Just as the cut scenes are equally unimpressive. If you are going to play Torchlight the fun is in the experience and not the story. I would rival Torchlight II against any similar games, and say that not only does Torchlight II deliver, I’ve yet to find anything else I enjoy playing as much at the moment.

In the game you can play as 4 different classes with vast skill trees to explore. You eventually will reach a 100 Level cap. Leveling in this game comes very fast, and rarely do I feel like I am either over powered, or under powered as I play through. Due to the rapid pace, the constant need to change out gear, Torchlight is not going to be a game that gets stale quickly. I for one enjoy playing with several classes at once and just switch characters to the one that is similarly matched to my friends playing. With as much freedom as you have in Torchlight, compared to the very restrictive world of Diablo 3, I would choose Torchlight II any day of the week.

Overall, I would say that I am pretty much in love with Torchlight II. It keeps me and my friends entertained for hours at a time. I have no doubt that I will play through the entire game multiple times, always building my character a slightly different way. I just wanted to give a quick summary of my feelings about one of my new favorite games to play. Until our next adventure!

Marcus Espenlaub

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