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Never judge a book by its cover, an old credo, that while true is rarely put into action.  I have read time and time again that most people form judgments about you within the first 10 seconds of meeting.  Therefore, within the first minute of arrival at a clients location it is necessary to make sure that the client knows that you are a not some run of the mill tech, but a Professional Computer Technician.  There are plenty of people that are “good with computers.” But the difference between Bill who has a new iPad is that an EMP Tech is up to date with the latest trends in the industry and can fix your IT woes much quicker, and to a specific standard.  You must constantly reinforce this image to the client that you are a professional and that they are better off with you, than someone else.

With regards to your personal appearance you must be ever vigilant about keeping up a standard, even if you have been at a location for a long time.  With time a bond will form between you and the client.  This is inevitable, and shouldn’t be viewed as a bad thing at all.   Most of our techs are in clean areas, sitting at desks and server rooms working alongside accounting people and other managers.  This is why you should wear a button down shirt and dress pants and dress shoes while on a job.  Something as simple as what you are carrying in the door speaks about your credibility.  For instance a black bag filled with simple tools (screw drivers, cables etc) and a laptop are what you should have with you when you are off to a location.

There is no need to get involved with the politics of the client.  You are a computer tech, and your job is to make the computers work.  That is all.  If someone on location wants to know how you feel about their boss simply tell that ‘I do not have an opinion on that’.  There are plenty of ways to communicate without getting involved with their day to day issues.  If there is a problem with the network then that is our problem as well, but salaries and other non-computer issues are not.  Understand that there is no quicker way to loose a client than being involved in the politics that are found at every office.

We do not talk turkey with the staff of our clients.  Your salary or rate is never to be discussed outside of direct E-Management Pros employees.  This can kill off valuable clients and hurts all parties involved.  Trust me on this,  I have seen it in the past and unfortunately I know that I will see it in the future.

I drive a car that most would consider a clunker.  If I was doing a residential job I would park my car in front of a neighbors house instead of the clients driveway.  It is best that you are not being judged by how you get from point A to B. But if you do have a nice car,  feel free to park it in a places where it builds your credibility.  But at the end of the day the client cares only about two things.  Can you fix the problem?  How much is it going to cost?  If you can make it abundantly clear that you can handle the problem, the importance of cost goes down.

A professional who is well informed, articulate, amicable, and quick, this is an E-Management Pros Technician.

-Marcus Espenlaub

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