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How to remove login password from windows 8 logon and login automatically without entering it Windows 8 is new version of windows operating system. Still in the development while I am writing this post. For increase in the security and make it more compatible with multi user environment password has been set. Even if you […]

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Marcus Espenlaub – Torchlight 2 is one of those games that when you get the opportunity to play I highly suggest that you do so. It is one of those rides you have in a game that you devour all the little nuances that make up Torchlight 2. The developers at Runic Games took many […]

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Amazing Back the the Future Posters

Some truly amazing back to the future posters.

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My thoughts on Metro 2033

For a long time I have been wondering what all the benchmarks that I was seeing in magazines and online publications were all about when they referenced Metro 2033. Some said that this game was the Direct X 11 that Crysis 2 should have been. One of the first things that I noticed in this […]

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While at work today I found this little gem that is a great way to force Windows XP to display the start Menu in classic mode. -Goto start > CMD > Regedit -Navigate to the below Registry command [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\Explorer] -Add a new DWORD KEY -Change the key to ‘NoSimpleStartMenu’ -Change the value to 1 Additional […]

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Googles Eric Schmidt boast 200,000 Android Devices Sold per day

Google’s CEO Eric Schmidt has been boasting about steady increase of Android devices on the market.  According to Schmidt there are 200,000 new Android devices that are sold every day.  This is an increase over the 100,00 devices that he claimed to be sold only two months ago.  These are some very impressive numbers considering […]

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Alienware M11X kicks it up a notch.

Dell’s Alienware comes out swinging yet again with their recent update on their already amazing M11X.  Some basic specs on this computer are that you can now get this computer with an Intel Core i5 or Core i7.  This effectively breaks down all conceptions of what a netbook is able to do.  The original model […]

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Why I like Sprint.

Sprint has been in the cell phone market since the beginning, and has done poorly in recent years.  Shares of Sprint (S) have declined from a value of $20 in 2006 to its current $5 price.  Despite past performance Sprint is easily worth $10 a share.  The main reason for this is that the book value is […]

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Asus 1201N Review

After years of loyal service my Dell XPS 1330 finally kicked the bucket.  Of course, my warranty expired just months ago.  Enter the ASUS 1201N EEE PC.   Now that I’ve had a few months to put it through the paces I wanted to tell the world how much I love my little EEE.  When […]

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